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  • Don't be fooled by imitations!

  • No stirring, No mixing & No messing around.

  • Grows over 100X its size.

  • Safe & Non-Toxic.

  • WOW- Each tube of Make Your Own Snow makes over 7 handfulls of Snow.

  • This Snow is used in movies worldwide and is the world's most realistic.

  • Stays cool to the touch and can even be coloured by adding a few drops of food colouring to the water.

  • Great for fun and exciting science expirements and Xmas activities at Home, Schools & Nurseries.

Some Great ideas for your Snow!

  • Build a Snowman!Place a bag of Made-up snow in the freezer & after a couple of hours your snow will feel as cold and icy as real snow and can also be shaped easily into a SNOWMAN!

  • Santa Footprints - Simply sprinkle some made-up Snow around a boot leading up to the Xmas tree and watch your kids faces when you tell them that santa must have brought the snow with him!

  • Decorate your Xmas Tree & Wreath - Simply sprincle some made-up Snow on your Xmas Tree and around the base of your Tree. Sprinkle some on your presents too!

  • Fill your Vases with Snow! - Simply pour your made-up Snow into a vase, You can even colour your snow with food colouring and layer the different colours for a stunning multi colour effect!

  • Snow Scenes! - Decorate your Villages, Train Sets, Xmas Dinner Table, Shop window Displays, Photo Shoots in fact anywhere you require a artificial Snow scene Make Your Own Snow is the best and most realistic solution, it's even used in Hollywood movies!

  • Table Centrepieces! - Decorate a Cake stand or something similar with some snow and add your favourite decorations. Your only limit is your imagination!

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